Drum Prince "Ryo" Personal Profile

"Ryo" the Drummer

Personal Profile

Name:Ryo Fujisaki (Dr.Ryo)
Birth Date: Dec.1
Native place:Tokyo, Japan

Ryo the Drummer, had commenced trumpet studies at the age of 12. His first musical instrument was a YAMAHA trumpet which his father bought him as a Christmas present. He started playing drums when he was 14, having previously made an unsuccessful attempt at trying to learn trumpet. then he acquired a US$400 ARIA acoustic drum set at the same time. At the age of 17 he went from High School to accompaniment band for Japanese enka singer and by the age of 19 he was playing in night clubs and beer garden.
Ryo had no former schooling in music. All his musical training came from playing in night clubs.

Ryo joined Jimmy Sakurai Band in 1991,shortly afterwards he joined the LISZT and played until 1993. From that time he has played in various other musicians such as: Michel Leicht, George Azuma, Mr.Jimmy, Nikki Hills, Manuel and many others. In 1994 he joined the FLAME which ended 1997.
Now, He is a free musician. His colorful interactive style has led to concert, club,studio and session work. His work has not solely been limited to the Rock field; he has accompanied diverse artists such as Akihiko Matsui, Kohji Dan, Hirosh Fukadzu, Shin "Kappa" Kawadou,Shinji, Kaworu Kagami, EXD, REALIZE, LaVie, bLawjob Silver, Dakishimetai☆, Grease(Family of Yokohama Bimbae) and Welsh BluesCP(Goro Noguchi Produce) with performances on over 100 recordings. In the rock education field, he has given workshops and clinics at music school etc.

Ryo's work has not solely been limited to the Music; he has performed at the V-cinema "SHIN GOKUDOH" (Japanese gang story) as actor under the direction of Tatsumi Shindai, gravure model , Back Dancer of Eikichi Yazawa and etcetera.

Ryo uses and endorses Zildjian Cymbals, YAMAHA Drums and Playwood drum stick/percussion.





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